Wahi Ride App Comentários

Great app!

Amazing app! Great community all in all and great to get around in the spring!

Facebook dependent

I heard about this app and like the concept. However it is Facebook dependent. Since I don't want to use Facebook I can't even log in to the app. Perhaps this Facebook dependency is a plus feature for some. For me it's a no-go.

Doesn't really work

Maker of the app messaged me on Facebook asking me to download the app after I posted on a ride share page. I decided it didn't hurt to try. However the app wouldn't accept my phone number, but finally did after I messaged the Facebook and page, then wouldn't let me continue without specifying an extra drop off location, I put one in and then on the next page I couldn't move on without choosing the make and model of my car. There is no "other" option and my car brand isn't listed. All together this app needs a HELL of a lot of work. Also the one positive reviewer is the same name as the person who messaged me on Facebook....


Could've done a better job of designing the app. It's not very functional and a lot of the preference symbols can be difficult to decipher unless you already know what they mean. Would also be nice to know which requests you put out and how many people from your university are actually utilizing the app

Doesn't work.

I like the idea but it simply doesn't work in a town this size. Also my driver attacked me.


Great app!! The process is super simple and intuitive! So happy for this ridesharing community to become real!

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